Custom Table Covers and Custom Table Cloths with Logo

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Table Covers are important part of marketing and building a Brand for several reasons.

Custom Table covers with logo full color printing by pro print press

Professional Appearance

Custom Table Covers with a companies logo and or message can capture the attention of a potential client or prospect for a distance. When customers or prospects see a custom table cloth it conveys a subconscious message of professionalism. First impressions are vital when expanding or branding any company.
Pro Print Press is able to print a companies custom design and logo on the entire table cover allowing for maximum exposure and visiblity. Prints on the side panels and on the top give a more 360 view of a companies message as to capitilize on maximum visiblity.

Low Cost

Since Custom Tablecloths with logos are relatively inexpensive, it makes them a cost-effective marketing tool both small and large businesses alike. Pro Print Press produces high quality custom table cloths with logos and or messages at the best rates, and our online templates and design tool makes it easy to process an order right away. If you or a friend or family member possesses graphic design skills, you can create and produce your own table cloth design with the aid of our online design tool, which can further reduce your costs or request a more professional design done by our team hear at Pro Print Press. To request a design simple select the option that fits your need by selecting "Adjust My Artwork". A Pro Print Press Designer will contact you via email and or phone within 1 Business day Monday- Friday with exceptions of Holidays. Prints can be one color or full color.

Portability and Branding

Table Covers are great for industry trade shows or business conventions, for instance, table cloths can help in speeding up the credibility of your brand or company allowing for customers to become more comfortable with doing business right away. Trust and Credibility of are vital for client to begin doing business with any company and proper branding with a professionally designed Table Cover can play a contributing factor.

Special Marketing Tips:

Make sure your logo and or message files are high resolution at a min of 300 DPI and not pixelated. Low quality images and designs can also hurt a company's brand. There is only one chance to make a first impression so make it a great first impression.

For assistance with Design Select "Adjust My Artwork"
Each Design Table Cloth Template is located on the bottom or the page under "Templates". Be sure to select the correct template that matches your custom table cloth selection.

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